I should live blog my 21 days going vegan

I should. I dont post often anymore, and starting Monday I will go vegan for 21 days.
I could tell you why, eh, I will. It’s for moral support. My sister is dating a guy that is a health nut but not really. Like who eats 12 cookies in a sitting and can still call themselves health… His skinny ass.

Anywho, I’ll be partaking of the festivities for 21 days. It’s really not going to be that much of a change for me… who am I kidding. Like bread is my life force and half of that not vegan. Uhh. I’m still going whip my sisters tell, she is like a tiny t-rex. 120 pound carnivore.

If she cries about ribs, I’ll post it up.

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like how much more obvious does this need to be made for people to get it?

this isnt even an exaggeration 
like at all



like how much more obvious does this need to be made for people to get it?

this isnt even an exaggeration 

like at all

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"Yes, the women are in mourning. The women are in fear. We were all just thinking, this could happen to me as well. This could happen to any of us. There are other people here who are sick and most of us are not believed when we tell them. It’s common. There are vulnerable women who will keep dying in here. There are women here now in wheel chairs…there’s a paralysed woman here…..

… I look forward to the day Yarl’s Wood will be shut down. We’re all in here and we’re not criminals. Most of us have been in detention before we fled our countries and we thought that running away would free us from detention. We didn’t think that instead of getting help, we’d be detained again here in England.

I’m hoping that Yarl’s Wood will be closed down and asylum seekers will not be treated like animals in this country…”

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I signed a petition on Change.org to stop the Home Office from deporting Yashika Bageerathi. A straight A sixth form (high school) student with only a few months left until she finished her exam. Her family claimed asylum in the UK after fleeing an abusive family member. Instead of letting her…


the only thing i wanted from this book series was for them to get together.

I didn’t even care if they both winded up dead eventually.

i j u s t s h i p e d t h e m s o h a r d

I feel the same way.

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to be a queen.


to be a queen.

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"POINTE is the third book I’ve written about a teenage black girl, but it’s the first in which her race was not the focal point or even a subplot of the story. As someone who grew up black in a predominantly white town in southwest Missouri, I wanted to write a character who dealt with some of the day-to-day issues and obstacles I’d experienced without that being the point of the book. I was very involved in academics and extracurricular activities as a child and teen, and although it was a little tough almost always being the only black person in the room, or being the first black person to, for instance, join my high school’s dance team, I think those years were instrumental in shaping the person I am today. Overall, I had a great time in high school and tried to make the best of it. If people were going to notice me for being different anyway, I wanted them to especially notice me for my accomplishments. I believe Theo has a similar attitude."

author Brandy Colbert (@brandycolbert) talks about her debut novel Pointe, writing a girl of color, her writing advice and much more in our Twitter-style interview

We’re also giving away a couple of finished copies of Pointe. This is a knock-out contemporary YA novel. 

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I’ve been hearing all the wonderful things about this book, so you all MUST pick it up and report back.

~ Lourdes

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Never promise forever
Forever is never promised
Merely hoped for

No matter how
Different we see
The world,
Within your arms
Is the refuge I shall seek

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